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On-Site Industrial Hearing Testing

To meet OSHA's hearing conservation regulations, not only does noise MONITORING have to be conducted, but also employees themselves need an annual hearing test and education. OSHA regulation 29 CFR-1910.95 requires annual testing if employees are "exposed to noise equal to or greater than 85dBA."

Industrial Healthtest can help by bringing our testing labs on-site to you. Our sound proof, state of the art testing facility, licensed professionals and customized Software make testing your employees' hearing efficient and accurate. Our complete list of hearing conservation services includes

  • Annual Audiometric Testing
    • Review and interpretation of each test
    • Analysis, OSHA record keeping statistics provided for all STS/PTS and OSHA recordable, recommendations, summary report and employee/employer notifications are provided to the company within 72 hours.
    • Meets OSHA/MSHA regulations.
    • Capable of testing and training 36 employees per hour.
      No scheduling hassles and little disruption to production.
    • Microprocessor audiometers are used for accuracy and are calibrated yearly.
      Acoustically designed sound proof testing rooms are calibrated yearly.
    • Tests are conducted by CAOHC certified technicians who are licensed by the Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
    • Tests are reviewed and approved by a licensed audiologist (Doctor of Audiology).
      *Otoscope exams are provided upon request.
      Electronic resulted records are available in PDF format
  • Annual Employee Education
  • Customized Molded Hearing Protection
  • Noise Surveys and Noise Dosimeter Readings
    • Conducted for total, partial, or individual areas, average exposure of a given period
  • Engineering Controls
    • Developed to provide reduction in noise exposure

Audiometric Testing

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