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In today's business world, employees demand - and deserve - a healthy work environment. OSHA and Federal Regulations were established to ensure such a work environment. As the number of employees increases, so does the number of regulations that have to be met. Companies face very difficult challenges just trying to keep up. Not only do surveys have to be conducted on the work environment to monitor sound, air quality, and health risks, each employee must also go through numerous tests and/or screenings. But trying to match up individual employees' schedules with available appointments at convenient training and testing facilities can be a scheduling nightmare.

Industrial Healthtest eliminates the scheduling challenges by bringing the testing and training to you. Our fully equipped testing labs and trained professionals can conduct testing and training at your work facilities. To learn more about what types of services can be made available to you, choose from the list of services provided below.

bullet On-Site Industrial Hearing Testing
Employee Testing, Protection, Education, Noise Surveys and Engineering Controls
bullet Respiratory Surveillance
Pulmonary Function Testing, Medical Clearance, Chest X-rays, Physical Examinations, and Respiratory Fit Testing
bullet Employee Physicals
DOT physicals and Medical clearance driver cards, Respirator Physicals, T-8 Physicals and Customized Physicals
bullet Substance Abuse Programs
Drug and Alcohol Screening, Physical Examinations and Computerized Random Screenings
bullet Screenings
Vision, Blood, Chemistry Profile, Cholesterol, Prostate Cancer, Body Fat Analysis, Health Profiles and more
bullet Vaccines
Influenza, Hepatitis, Pneumonia
bullet OSHA Training & Compliance
Training Accident Investigation, Fall Protection, Forklift Training, Hazard Communication, Noise & Air Sampling, Ergonomics, Job Safety Lock Out Tag Out and more
bullet On-Site Safety & Support Services
Training in Sexual Harassment, Violence in the Work-place, Stress Management, In-House EAP, Effective Communication, Team Coaching and more
bullet Consulting
Indoor Air Quality, Exposure Monitoring, Emergency Response Disaster Planning, Environmental Assessment, Regulatory Audits, Field Sampling, Permitting/Reporting, Waste Management