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About us

Industrial Healthtest provides on-site occupational safety and health services to help employers meet OSHA and Federal Regulations. For more than 26 years, we have been providing cost-effective on-site industrial testing and screening services. Our on-site mobile testing facilities provide a sound proof, comfortable and state of the art environment for all. We adjust our schedules to meet your production criteria, therefore eliminating loss of productivity and cost. Our board certified specialists are experts in occupational health, pulmonary and audiology disciplines.

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Rhonda with Industrial Healthtest has been providing our facilities hearing conservation testing and training for over 8 years. She has also been our safety consultant and trainer for the past 5 years. We have been very satisfied with her knowledge about OSHA and professionalism. She is hands-on and completes every task timely. I would recommend her company.

Jim Schadle
Auto Temp, Inc.
Batavia, Ohio

Industrial Healthtest has successfully helped our company to provide employees with a sfaer work environment through expert services and expert contacts in the safety industry.

Michael kellerman
Safety/Human Resources
Eagle Coach, Inc.