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On-Site Safety & Support Services

OSHA and Federal Regulations cover not only the health of the employee and the safety of the work environment, but also the interaction of employees. Employees face certain social challenges that require proper conduct such as knowing what is considered sexual harassment, how to effectively communicate, keeping violence out of the work place and so on. Handling these issues requires the training and education of employees and also employers.

We offer several on-site training seminars and classes for both the employee and the employer. Some of the training and services we offer include:

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace training
  • Violence in the workplace training
  • Stress management training
  • Effective communication
  • Substance Abuse Training
  • In-House Employee Assistance Programs
    • Team Coaching
    • Counseling Services
  • Employers' 1st Resource
    • Assistance in Human Resources
    • Development and Implementation of Company Policy and Procedures
    • Development of New Employee Orientation
    • Development of Employee Handbook

List is not all inclusive.


OSHA Training Seminars